How many miles will £10 petrol get me?

Ever wondered how many miles you can get for £10 petrol in 2023? You may be pleasantly surprised. Enter your vehicle’s MPG and the cost for fuel at your nearest station into the petrol calculator below and you’ll get an estimated mileage for £10.




Petrol Amount (Litres)


(Estimated Miles)

Don’t know your vehicle’s real MPG? Use this MPG calculator to find out your real miles per gallon consumption.

How this calculator works

This calculator is designed to provide you with a quick and easy way to estimate your vehicle’s mileage from £10 petrol. Here’s how it works:

Firstly, it works out how many litres of petrol you can buy with £10. This is done by dividing 10 by the price of a litre and then multiplying it by 100.

Example: If it costs 155p per litre of petrol, you would be able to buy 10 ÷ 155 x 100 = 6.45 litres.

Secondly, you will need to know the fuel efficiency of your car in MPG (miles per gallon). Once you have this number, you can use this formula to work out how many miles you can get from £10 petrol: MPG x litres x 0.22.

Example: If you pay 155p per litre and your car gets 34 miles per gallon, your estimated mileage would be: 34 x 6.45 x 0.22 = 48.2 miles.

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