Petrol Consumption Calculator UK

Want to know how much petrol you will need for your journey? Our petrol consumption calculator UK can help you work out exactly how much petrol you will need to drive any distance based on your car’s fuel efficiency (MPG).

You’ll need to enter the distance you need to travel (in miles or km) and your car’s real MPG figure to get the most accurate petrol consumption calculation for your trip.

Petrol Consumption Calculator UK


Petrol Consumption (Litres)


Petrol Consumption (Gallons)

Petrol consumption formula:

This petrol consumption calculator uses a straightforward formula to determine the fuel required for your journey. The formula is: total distance ÷ MPG × 4.546.

Example 1: If you need to travel 100 miles and your car gets 40 miles per gallon, the formula to work out your petrol consumption in litres would be: 100 ÷ 40 × 4.546 = 11.365 litres.

Example 2: If you need to drive 100 km and your car gets 40 miles per gallon, you’ll first need to convert kilometres to miles, this can be done by dividing the kilometres number by 1.609.

Therefore 100km = 62.15 miles. Now that you know the distance in miles, you can use the same formula: 62.15 ÷ 40 × 4.546 = 7.06 litres.

If you’d like a consumption figure in gallons, just use our litres to gallons UK converter, or you can convert it manually using this formula: litres × 0.22.

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