How to know how much petrol is left in car?

Want to know how much petrol is left in your car? The petrol calculator below can help you to quickly estimate how much petrol is left in your car.

To get the most accurate result, you’ll need to know your car’s real MPG figure and the miles remaining figure which you can get from your dashboard.

Once you’ve entered these two figures you’ll get an estimate of how many litres of petrol you have left in your car.


(Estimated Petrol Remaining - Litres)

Don’t know your vehicle’s MPG? Use this MPG calculator to find out your vehicle’s exact miles per gallon consumption figure.

How much petrol do I have when the light comes on?

When the light comes on, it usually means you have around 6-10 litres of fuel left in your tank.

It is important to remember that each vehicle’s fuel capacity may vary and the exact amount of remaining fuel can depend on the make and model of your car. Always consult your owner’s manual for accurate fuel capacity information.

How to work out how much fuel is left when the light comes on

For this example, I’ll show you how I work out how much fuel is left in my car when the light comes on.

I have a Kia Sportage 2 and I get 34 miles per gallon from mostly urban driving. My fuel light comes on at 55 miles remaining, this quantity is displayed on the dashboard.

To work out how much fuel I have remaining, I would need to use this formula: miles remaining/0.22/MPG. This will read: 55/0.22/34 = 7.35 litres remaining.

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